Disabling your Booking page

This article is updated to our latest release, which is being rolled out to all Users gradually. 

If you see a Schedule button  in the top navigation menu, you are viewing the updated version of OnceHub. Otherwise, you can expect to see this in the near future. Please contact us with any questions.

To disable a Booking page, go to the Booking page's Overview section and toggle the On/Off switch in the top right corner (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Booking page Enable/Disable toggle

Alternatively, you can completely delete the Booking page by going to Setup -> ScheduleOnce setup, clicking the action menu  of the relevant Booking page, and selecting Delete (Figure 2). In the Delete Booking page popup that opens, click Yes.

Figure 2: Deleting a Booking page

Effects of disabling your Booking page

  • Customers will not be able to make new bookings.
  • Customer will not be able to reschedule or cancel existing bookings.
  • The Public content section is still visible to your Customers whether your page is enabled or disabled. Consider changing your personal message if you're thinking about disabling your Booking page.
  • On the Booking page's Overview section, the Accept bookings toggle switch is in the Off position, and an alert message is displayed under the Booking page name with a link to enable the page (Figure 3). To facilitate accurate setup, the status of disabled pages is indicated in most Booking page lists within the app.
    Figure 3: Booking page Enable link
  • The Booking page will also be labelled as [Disabled] in the ScheduleOnce setup page (Figure 4).
    Figure 4: Disabled Booking page
  • A No times are currently available message will show on your Booking page when Customers try to book with you (Figure 5).

    Figure 5: No times are currently available message

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