The WYSIWYG mode of the Notification templates editor

The Notification templates editor is used to customize the content and look and feel of the emails to your Customers and Users. The editor has two modes, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and HTML. The WYSIWYG mode allows you to edit template content while viewing the content in the format it will appear. The HTML mode allows you to edit the HTML code directly. (For advanced Users.)

NoteScheduleOnce emails are generated via HTML. When working with email templates, it is important to be aware of the HTML email best practices. Following these best practices will help ensure that your emails are delivered to your Users and Customers and will look the way you want them to. 

The following functions are available in the Editor and are controlled via the buttons at the top. These are the buttons as they appear from left to right:



Font size – Allows you to change the size of the text. You can use this setting to create headings.



Strike through – Allows you display text as crossed out and to undo the function.

Font color - Allows you to change the color of text in the template.

Background color – Allows you to change the color of the text background.

Alignment – Align text to the left, center, or right or justify it. By default, all text is aligned to the left.

Bulleted list

Numbered list

Decrease indent

Increase indent

Insert image – Allows you to upload an image from your Computer. Note: The maximum image size supported is 200kb

Insert table – Allows you insert a table with any number of rows or columns. Also allows you to add and delete rows and columns as well as define header rows.

Insert line – Allows you insert a horizontal line

Insert link  - Insert and remove links from text and images.

HTML – Allows you to edit the HTML code of the template directly.

Figure 1: Edit functions in the Notification templates editor

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