Creating and editing a Booking form

You can use the Booking forms editor to customize the information that you want to collect from your Customers during the booking process. You can choose both the questions in the Booking form and the order that they're presented in.

If you are working with multiple Booking pages, you can create a different Booking form for each Booking page. If your business needs are the same for all of your Booking pages, or if you're only using one Booking page, you can create one Booking form. 

In this article, you'll learn about creating and editing a Booking form. 

Accessing the Booking forms editor

To access the Booking forms editor, click Setup in the top navigation bar. Then, open the left navigation bar and in the Tools section, select Booking forms editor.

Figure 1: The Booking forms editor

Default Booking form settings

When you open the Booking forms editor for the first time, you'll see the Default Booking form, which includes the following fields:

When you create a new Booking form, these eight fields will be included. You can remove most of these fields and add others as needed. 

Creating a new Booking form

There are three ways to customize the Booking form: Editing the Default booking form, creating a new Booking form, or copying and editing an existing Booking form. 

Edit the default Booking form

If you want every Booking page on your account to use the same Booking form, this is a good option. This ensures that Users will not accidentally select the wrong Booking form.

Create a new Booking form

To create a new Booking form, click the New Booking form button in the Booking forms menu on the left hand side of the page. The new Booking form will have the default Booking form settings. This is a good option if you want to start from scratch.

Copy an existing Booking form

To copy an existing Booking form, click the Copy button (Figure 1) in the Booking forms menu on the left hand side of the page. The new Booking form will be an exact copy, which you can customize further as needed. This is a good option if you've already created a Booking form that you like and want to edit it slightly.

Figure 1: Copy an existing Booking form

Editing a Booking form

You can edit, add, and remove the content of your Booking forms in the middle editing pane.

Adding fields to your Booking form

To add a field to the Booking form, click the arrow icon on the specific field in the Fields library (Figure 2). Figure 2: Add fields to your Booking form

Remove fields from your Booking form

To remove a field from the Booking form, click Remove field next to it (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Remove fields from your Booking form

NoteThe Email and Name fields cannot be removed because ScheduleOnce needs this basic information in order to confirm the booking with your Customer.

Edit text

 To edit the Field title and subtext, click the Edit icon next to the Field name. The Edit field pop-up will appear. 

  • Field title: This is the title that will be displayed to Customers.
  • Subtext: Check the Add subtext box to add subtext to the field. Subtext can help explain the information being collected in the field or why you are asking your Customers for this information. 

 Click the Link icon to add a link to any of the text you edit. 

Learn more about editing System fields

Learn more about creating and editing Custom fields

Choose the order of your fields

To change the order in which your fields appear, click the up or down arrow on the right side of each field to move it. 

Choose which fields will be mandatory and which will be optional

Click the Mandatory field box to make the field mandatory. The Customer must fill out all Mandatory fields in order to make a booking (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Click the Mandatory field box

Preview your Booking form

You can review your Booking form anytime by clocking the Preview link at the top of the Editing pane (Figure 5). 

Figure 5: Click Preview to see a preview of your Booking form

When you're done editing your Booking form, click Save.

Managing Booking forms

In the Booking forms menu on the left hand side of the page, you will see a list of with the default Booking form provided by ScheduleOnce and any custom Booking forms that you or other Users have created.

  • Rename: To rename the selected Booking form, click the Rename button (the default Booking form cannot be renamed).
  • Delete: To delete the selected Booking form, click the Delete button. This action cannot be undone.

Adding a Booking form to a Booking page

Once you've created a Booking form, you'll need to add it to your Booking page. 

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Select the relevant Booking page in the Booking pages pane.
  3. In the Booking form and redirect section, select the Booking form you just created form the Booking form drop-down.

NoteIf your Booking page is linked to at least one Event type, then the Booking form will be moved to the Event type. In this case you can find the Booking form by going to Setup -> select the relevant Event type -> Booking form and redirect. Learn more about the location of the Booking form and redirect section

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