Creating a Booking form

The Booking forms editor is flexible, allowing you to create multiple Booking forms and customize your Customers’ booking experience for each Booking page or Event type. Each Booking form can be unique, collecting different information and displaying the questions in any order you choose.

If you are working with multiple Booking pages you may wish to create a different Booking form for each page. However, if your business needs are the same for all of your Booking pages or if you are using one Booking page, one Booking form is probably enough.

The Booking forms can be accessed by going to Setup and opening the left sidebar. Then select Tools -> Booking forms editor.


The default Booking form settings

When you open the Booking forms editor for the first time, you will see a Default Booking form which includes eight fields:

When you create a new Booking form, these eight fields will be included. You can remove most of these fields and add others as needed. See the Fields library for more information about adding and removing fields.

Booking form customization options

There are a few different paths you can choose to take when customizing a Booking form:

Edit the default Booking form – If you want every Booking page on your account to use the same Booking form, this is a good option. This will ensure that Users will not accidentally select the wrong Booking form.

Create a new Booking form – This creates a Booking form with the default Booking form settings described above. This is a good option if you want to start from scratch.

Copy an existing Booking form – This will create an exact copy of the Booking form, which you can customize further as needed. This is a good option if you created a Booking form that you already like and want to edit it slightly.

Booking form customization instructions

1. Create a new form, copy an existing Booking form or edit the default Booking form as described above.

2. Select the fields you wish to use in the Booking form from the Fields library. Remove any fields you wish not to include.

3. Edit the order of the fields by using the arrows located on the right side of each field.

4. Decide which fields you wish to make mandatory. Keep in mind that mandatory fields must be filled out by your Customer in order to make a booking with you.

5. You can preview the form anytime by selecting the Preview button.

6. Select the Booking form you just created in the Booking page settings. Go to Setup -> relevant Booking page -> Booking form

Note:If you link your Booking page to at least one Event type, then the Booking form will be moved to the Event type. In this case you can find the Booking form by going to Setup -> relevant Event type -> Booking form.

7. Perform a test booking with the Booking form:

  • Go to the Booking page Overview section and click on the Customer link.
  • Select a day and time, as if you are making an appointment.
  • Fill out the Booking form as if you are a Customer.
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