Introduction to multi-user scenarios

OnceHub offers robust solutions for many different multi-user scheduling scenarios. Our flexible modeling approach includes a number of unique features: Resource pools, Master pages, multiple Distribution methods, Panel meetings, and Booking reassignment. By using these features, you can set up a wide range of scheduling scenarios for your team.

Resource pools

Resource pools allow you to dynamically distribute bookings among a group of Team members in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. Each Resource pool has its own method for distributing bookings. As bookings come in, you will be able to monitor how many bookings each Team member receives and ensure an optimal distribution of bookings at any point in time.

Master pages

Master pages allow you to combine multiple Event types, Booking pages, and Resource pools into one page that you can share with your Customers. Master pages can be used to provide a single point of access to different Team members in your organization, or to multiple meeting locations or channels. Bookings made on a Master page can be either automatically assigned to Team members according to rules you define or assigned based on the customer’s selection. When you want to automatically assign bookings to Team members, you can create your own rules. Rules can either be Dynamic or Static.

Multiple Distribution methods

OnceHub offers multiple methods for automatically distributing bookings among Team members. Each method offers different advantages. If achieving an equal distribution among Team members is your top priority, you can add a Resource pool with Round robin distribution to your Master page. 

Alternatively, if providing maximum availability to customers is your main goal, Pooled availability or  Pooled availability with priority can be used. Based on the method you choose, bookings made on your Master page will be automatically distributed among your Team members.

Panel meetings

OnceHub allows you to create Panel meetings that enable Customers to book a time to meet with multiple Team members simultaneously. You can create panels with specific Team members, or dynamic panels that use Resource pools to assign the relevant Team member. When a Customer visits your Master page, they will only see availability for possible panel combinations. 

Booking reassignment

OnceHub allows you to reassign bookings from one Team member to another. This is useful if a Team member is sick or if a different Team member is better able to serve a specific Customer. When a booking is reassigned, the relevant Team members are updated. From your Customer’s perspective, the event remains as originally scheduled. Customers show up to bookings as planned, and the experience remains intact.

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