Disconnecting ScheduleOnce (collecting payments from Customers)


This article only applies if you use our PayPal integration to collect payments from your Customers. If you have any questions on how we bill you as a OnceHub Customer, go to the Account billing article.

When you disconnect from PayPal, you cannot accept payments or process refunds via ScheduleOnce. The following events occur upon disconnection:

In this article, you will learn how to disconnect from PayPal.


To disconnect from PayPal, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.

Disconnecting from PayPal

  1. Go to Setup -> ScheduleOnce setup -> Event types, and select the relevant Event type.
  2. Go to the Payment and cancel/reschedule policy section and adjust your settings. You can either not display a price or display a price without collecting payment via ScheduleOnce.

    Note If you do not adjust your payment settings before disconnecting your Paypal account, ScheduleOnce will automatically set your Event types to display a price but do not collect payment via ScheduleOnce. In this case, your cancellation and reschedule policy settings remain unchanged, but you will not be able to accept payments or issue refunds via ScheduleOnce.

  3. Go to Setup -> ScheduleOnce setup, open the left side bar, and select Integrations -> Payment.
  4. Click Disconnect. A pop-up appears informing you that disconnecting your PayPal account will:
    • Disable PayPal payment for your Event types
    • Cancel the automatic billing from ScheduleOnce
  5. Click Yes.

You are now disconnected and cannot accept payments or process refunds via ScheduleOnce.

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