Introduction to Panel meetings

ScheduleOnce allows you to create Panel meetings that enable Customers to book a time to meet with multiple team members simultaneously. 

  • You can create panels with specific team members, or dynamic panels that use Resource pools to assign the relevant team member. When a Customer visits your Master page, they will see availability based on the specific panel combination.
  • Panel meetings are useful for many different scheduling scenarios. For example, during the sales cycle technology companies may want to allow Customers to meet with the Sales Development Representative and the Account Executive simultaneously. Consulting firms may want to allow Customers to schedule a meeting with multiple subject matter experts. Universities conducting graduate admissions interviews may also use Panel meetings to allow applicants to schedule an interview with multiple faculty members and professors.
  • When you create a Panel meeting, you can either include specific Booking pages or Resource pools. When using Resource pools, ScheduleOnce will automatically assign bookings to team members in your Resource pool according to the distribution method.
  • For example, let's say you are a consulting firm allowing Customers to schedule a meeting with multiple subject matter experts. Your meeting must include a specific consultant who has been directly working with your Customer. The meeting must also include a consultant who specializes in marketing strategy, and another consultant specializing in cost reduction. For this meeting, your Primary team member would be the specific consultant who works directly with the Customer, and your Additional team members would include two Resource pools: one with all consultants specializing in marketing strategy and the second with all consultants specializing in cost reduction. When your Customer schedules their meeting, one consultant from each Resource pool will be automatically assigned, according to the respective pool's Distribution method.
  • With Panel meetings, the Customer and all panelists are updated throughout the booking lifecycle. When the meeting is scheduled, everyone is notified, a calendar event is created, and an activity is added to each team member’s Activity stream. Any team member who sees the Panel meeting in the stream can cancel or request the Customer to reschedule. If the Customer reschedules or cancel the meeting, the calendar event is updated and notifications are sent accordingly.

To create a Panel meeting use a Master page with Rule-based assignment

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