What's new in version 9.5?

iCloud Calendar connection for InviteOnce

With this release, you will be able to use InviteOnce with your iCloud Calendar in addition to our already existing integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and Exchange/Outlook Calendar.

If you are already using iCloud Calendar with ScheduleOnce, you can start using InviteOnce with your existing connection.

InviteOnce allows you to send personalized email invitations with suggested meeting times directly embedded in the email. By inviting your prospects with InviteOnce, you shorten your time-to-engagement as you guide your prospects through the booking process with greater control.

Your calendar information is always kept private and calendar appointments and free/busy patterns are never revealed to Customers.

Learn more about connecting your iCloud Calendar

Time slot settings update for ScheduleOnce

In ScheduleOnce, we have added the option to only offer time slots 12 hours into the future.  Previously, the minimum time was 1 day.  By using 12 hours as an option, you can encourage leads to make bookings while you're fresh in their mind. Learn more about timeframe rules 

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