Introduction to Office 365 Calendar connection

Connecting OnceHub to your Office 365 Calendar ensures a real-time integration between your Office 365 Calendar appointments and your busy time in ScheduleOnce.

Connecting and configuring Office 365 Calendar

ImportantTo be able to connect OnceHub to your Office 365 Calendar, you must have a calendar in Outlook on the web for business (Outlook Web App), which is provided with Exchange Online.

OnceHub communicates with your Office 365 Calendar in real time using using an OAuth 2.0 connection.

Learn about the options for connecting to Office 365 Calendar

For each of your ScheduleOnce Booking pages, you can select the calendar that bookings will be created in, the calendars that busy time will be retrieved from, and any additional calendars you want to create an event when a booking is made. 

Privacy and security

When you connect OnceHub to your Office 365 Calendar, all credentials and data traffic are fully encrypted. The integration uses the permissions Users already have when viewing calendars (for example: only free/busy), so no new information will be accessible to them.

Automatic connection with Microsoft Teams

If your Office 365 account includes Microsoft Teams, you'll be connected to it as soon as you connect your Office 365 Calendar. Learn more

Office 365 Calendar connection FAQs

Read our Office 365 Calendar via OAuth 2.0 connection FAQs for answers to common questions about the OnceHub integrations with Office 365 Calendar.

Office 365 Calendar connection troubleshooting

Read our troubleshooting articles for solutions to common issues with Office 365 Calendar via OAuth 2.0.

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