Introduction to Google Calendar connection

Connecting OnceHub to your Google Calendar ensures a real-time integration between your Google Calendar appointments and your busy time in ScheduleOnce.

Connecting and configuring your Google Calendar

Any Google Calendar can connect to OnceHub, whether you use a Gmail Calendar or a G Suite Calendar.

For each of your ScheduleOnce Booking pages, you can select the calendar that bookings will be created in, the calendars that busy time will be retrieved from, and any additional calendars you want to create an event when a booking is made. 

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Privacy and security

OnceHub uses a Google token to establish a secure connection with your Google Calendar. Your sign-in credentials are never revealed during the connection process and are never stored by OnceHub. Once connected, all communication with your Google Calendar is encrypted. Your calendar information is always kept private and free/busy patterns are never revealed to customers.

Google Meet integration

All Users connected to Google Calendar can use Google Meet video conferencing automatically, with no further integration required.

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Google Calendar connection FAQs

Read our Google Calendar connection FAQs for answers to common questions about the OnceHub integration with Google Calendar.

Google Calendar connection troubleshooting

Read our Google Calendar connection troubleshooting article for solutions to common issues with Google Calendar.

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