The Questions tab

The Questions tab allows you to set up your calendar to ask your customers questions after they have scheduled a meeting, so that you can prepare for your meeting. The options available help you to gather basic information from your customers. Questions will only be displayed to your visitors if your booking calendar is shared on a OnceHub page.


If you want to ask visitors screening questions before they select a date and time, use a routing form or a chatbot.

When configuring a booking calendar, the Questions tab is located along the upper menu. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Location of the Questions tab

Default fields

The default questions, which are required to make the booking, are the customer's full name and email address. In the sidebar of the Questions tab, you can add multiple types of questions to customize the information you gather from your customers. 

Conditional fields

Conditional fields are displayed by default if you have configured your booking calendar in certain ways. 

Location: This field displays the virtual conferencing options available to the customer based on what the user has connected to. For example, if the user has connected to Zoom and Google Meet, then one of those two options can be selected by the customer. If the user is not connected to any video conferencing apps, or just one, then this field is not displayed. 

SMS notification: If the user selects SMS within customer notification options, then the 'mobile number field' will be displayed to the customer after they select a date and time. A checkbox which asks the customer to consent to receiving SMS notifications will be displayed. This only applies to bookings made on a booking calendar shared on a OnceHub page.

Note If the customer does not agree to receiving SMS notifications, then they will still receive email notifications and reminders.

Questions tab fields

Text question

These are questions to which the customer can reply with their own text.

More options for customizable questions will be available soon. 

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