How to disable the Google Meet video in the calendar event

When using OnceHub with a Google Calendar, a hangouts video call is added automatically every time a new Google Calendar event is created in your Google Calendar. Learn more about Google Meet

You can disable this in your Google Calendar. G Suite users require a different method than non-G Suite users. 

For non-G Suite Google Accounts

This is relevant for anyone using a Google Account who does not pay Google for their service. 

1. After signing into your Google Account, access your Google Calendar settings

2. Scroll down to Event settings. 

3. Deselect Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events I create (see Figure 1).

how to turn off Google Meet in calendarFigure 1: Deselect the checkbox

For Google Accounts through G Suite

If you want to disable the Google Hangouts video setting in the calendar event, you can ask your Google account Administrator to follow the steps below.  


Only your Google account Administrator can disable or re-enable Google Hangouts video in the calendar event

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Go to G Suite -> Calendar.
  4. Click Calendar sharing options in the gray header link.
  5. Under Video Category, click to edit the pencil icon.
  6. Uncheck Add video box.

NoteWhen the Google Hangouts video call is not enabled by your G Suite account administrator, you can manually click Add a video call on the calendar event page every time a Google Calendar event is created.

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