Outlook troubleshooting: The Outlook connector is not syncing and displays an alert

When experiencing connection issues between your Connector and ScheduleOnce, you might receive an alert on your PC informing you what the issue is.  If you are not receiving an alert message, but the connector is still not syncing, there are other reasons your sync might be affected.  Learn more

If the alert is from Outlook rather than the connector, you might have encountered the Outlook security alert, which should be disabled.

The connector will not be able to connect to ScheduleOnce in the following cases:

1. You have changed your sign-in ID
In this case, the connector will display the following popup:

To resolve this, you need to click the Settings button on the connector and update the ScheduleOnce sign-in ID to the new ID.

2. The connection to Outlook Calendar has been disabled in ScheduleOnce
In this case the connector will display the following pop up:

To resolve this, log in to your ScheduleOnce account, go to Setup, open the left side bar and select Integrations -> Calendar integration. In the Outlook calendar integration page click the Connect button. You will then be able to copy the new security token. In the connector, click the Settings button and paste the new security token.

3. ScheduleOnce is unable to process your payment
In this case the connector will display the following pop up:

When your organization is using ScheduleOnce, your ScheduleOnce account is charged a recurring monthly fee. If a recurring payment cannot be processed, your account will be suspended and placed on hold. You must renew your subscription if you want to continue using ScheduleOnce with your Outlook calendar. Learn how to renew your ScheduleOnce subscription

4. Your free trial has expired
In this case the connector will display the following pop up:

In ScheduleOnce, every purchase starts with a free trial that is available for fourteen days. When your trial ends without a purchase, your account is placed on hold for a period of thirty days before it is deleted. During this time, the ScheduleOnce connector for Outlook cannot connect to your ScheduleOnce account. Learn more about purchasing or upgrading your account

If you continue to see issues, please contact us.

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