What's new in version 6.0?

ScheduleOnce 6.0 brings multi-user scheduling to all plans and adds deep integration with GoToMeeting and Webex Meetings.

Multi-user scheduling for all plans

Release 6.0 marks a strategic change in our approach to multi-user scheduling. Any paid plan will be able to purchase additional user licenses for the same price as individual accounts. For example, if you have a Plus account and are paying $5/month, you can add 5 more users at $5/month per user, for a total of $30/month for 6 users. This is the same price you would have paid for 6 individual Plus accounts. To learn more about adding users to your account, see the User management articles. If you already have multiple users with individual accounts and would like to consolidate them under one account, please see the Merging User accounts article

GoToMeeting and Webex Meetings integration

Our new connectors for GoToMeeting and Webex Meetings completely automate the provisioning of web conferencing sessions. Your customers receive one ScheduleOnce confirmation with all web conferencing and appointment data in their local time zone. This saves precious time, increases participation rates, and conveys a professional image to your customers. Learn more about our GoToMeeting integration| Learn more about our Webex Meetings integration

Direct credit card processing

ScheduleOnce 6.0 makes it possible to pay for ScheduleOnce with your credit or debit card (Note that this is for paying for your ScheduleOnce subscription and not for your customers to pay you – This will come in a few months). All major credit cards are supported including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB. You can also use any debit card that does not require a pin. We have also kept our integration with PayPal so that you can continue to pay with PayPal as you did before. If you would like to switch over from PayPal to direct credit card processing this can easily be done. Learn more about switching from PayPal

Payment process and back office improvements

In conjunction with the addition of direct credit card processing, we have also made numerous improvements to the purchase process and made it easier to purchase and track your payments. The purchase wizard has been completely redesigned and we are also generating a ScheduleOnce invoice for each completed and pending transaction.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us

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