Switching from PayPal to credit card payment

In this article you will learn how to switch your payment method. You must be a OnceHub Administrator in order to access the Billing tab and make the switch.

How does it work?

When you switch to a credit or debit card payment method, the card is applied only when the next monthly cycle starts. On the next billing date, the account will be charged for the total recurring amount using the credit or debit card.

For example, let’s assume that you have a Professional account and you are using a PayPal payment method every 15th of the month. When you switch to a credit card payment method on October 1st, your credit card is charged only on October 15th.

How do I switch from PayPal to credit/debit card payment?

  1. Click on the profile image or initials in the top right corner of the screen and select Subscription and billing. Then, go to Billing -> Payment methods.

  2.  Click Switch to credit or debit card payment.

  3. The payment page opens and displays the prorated amount as a first payment and the total recurring billing for User licenses and Booking page licenses.

  4. Click the Submit payment button.

  5. When the credit/debit card is authorized and you have paid the prorated amount, your payment profile in PayPal is canceled. The Payment methods section shows the credit/debit card that was used as the primary payment method. The card will be used for all future billings.

  6. Add a backup credit card to avoid service interruption if there is a payment failure.

The importance of a backup payment method

  • When using PayPal, you may have a cash balance in your PayPal account plus additional backup payment methods in the form of a credit card or your bank account. When you switch to direct credit card, there is no backup payment method. For this reason, OnceHub allows you to add multiple backup payment methods in your OnceHub account. A backup payment method is highly recommended to avoid service interruption if there is a payment failure.
  • In the case of payment failure, your account is frozen. You must sign in to OnceHub and enter new payment information. When your account is in payment hold status, you will have a 24-hour grace period in which your Customers can still make bookings. However, you will not be able to access your OnceHub account in order to manage your bookings in ScheduleOnce or InviteOnce until you submit new payment information. After 24 hours, you will not be able to accept new bookings.
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