Introduction to User management

OnceHub is a true multi-user system, designed to meet the scheduling needs of large and small organizations. ChatOnce and ScheduleOnce share centralized User management, permissions, and security settings in your OnceHub Account. 

To manage Users in your account, in the top navigation menu, click the gear icon → Users.

Figure 1: Users lobby

User types

You can create two types of Users: Administrators and Members. Depending on the User's role, there are different permissions for ScheduleOnce, ChatOnce, and the OnceHub Account. Learn more about the differences between a Member and an Administrator

Once you've created the User, you can determine whether or not they need a license. Learn more

Managing Users

As a OnceHub Administrator, you can perform various actions to manage Users in your OnceHub Account:

  • Add new Users: Administrators can invite new Users to join their organization's OnceHub Account. New Users will receive an email invitation with a sign-in link. New Users can be Administrators or Members.
  • Edit existing Users: You can edit the personal details of other Users and assign or unassign licenses from their profile. You can also edit email notification settings, date and time settings, and product-specific settings for all Users in the OnceHub Account. 

  • Delete Users: You can delete any Users with an assigned license, apart from the last Administrator with an assigned license. 

    When you have a paid subscription, at least one license must be assigned to an Administrator.

Note When deleting a User, all Booking pages owned by the User will automatically be transferred to the remaining OnceHub Administrator.

When unassigning a scheduled meetings User license, all Booking pages owned by the User will automatically be disabled.

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