What's new in version 6.6?

Version 6.6 adds the ability to use ScheduleOnce without connecting it to a third-party calendar, as well as improved support for stakeholders who are not ScheduleOnce Users.

Working without a connected calendar

It is now possible to use ScheduleOnce without connecting it to a third-party calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. To enable this, the following key changes have been made:

  1. Bookings are treated as busy time when not connecting to a calendar: Bookings made via a Booking page will block availability for that booking page even if a calendar is not connected.
  2. Automatic booking does not require a connected calendar: Since bookings from a page block availability for that page, automatic booking can be used without a connected calendar.
  3. Automatic booking is the default mode in Premium and higher plans: Since automatic booking does not require a connected calendar, it can be the default selection option.
  4. When a calendar is not connected, the owner receives calendar events in the confirmation email: Since the booking cannot be created in the owner's connected calendar, calendar events are sent in the scheduling confirmation email.

Learn more about the differences between working with a connected calendar and working without a connected calendar

Booking with non-ScheduleOnce Users

We have also made an important enhancement to the feature that we used to call the "Additional email address". This feature was used to notify a stakeholder that is not a ScheduleOnce User on booking events. We now call this feature "Notification to a non-ScheduleOnce User" and we have upgraded its functionality to include calendar events in the scheduling confirmation email. Booking with non-ScheduleOnce Users is only available in the Enterprise plan.

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