What's new in version 8.0?

The all-new ScheduleOnce is here! ScheduleOnce 8.0 introduces our biggest revamp to date. Major enhancements and new features have been added across all product areas:

A modernized and brandable scheduling experience

  • All of your Booking pages and Master pages have undergone a major makeover. In this release, our mission was to design clean and uncluttered pages that operate quickly and minimize the effort required for the customer to make a booking. Your pages, whether standalone or published onto your website, have been automatically updated with the new modernized design.

  • This release introduces a key new branding tool – the Theme designer. The Theme designer allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your Booking pages. You can customize our system themes or create your own themes from scratch. You can define properties such as the page logo, background image, background opacity, button colors and more. This gives you greater flexibility to ensure all your pages are in line with your branding.

  • To remove clutter from Booking pages, categories are now a separate step in the booking process. This clarifies the options available for customers and results in a cleaner, more polished design. 

 Simplified setup and maintenance

  • We have rebuilt our interface to clarify and simplify the relationships between Booking pages, Event types (previously termed Services) and Master pages (previously termed Master booking pages). These three entities are now grouped together in the main setup page. When drilling down into any of these entities, there is now an overview screen, allowing you to quickly see the associations and navigate between the different entities.

  • We have made it easier for you to promote your Booking pages. The main menu now includes a share and publish page, which brings together options for integrating scheduling into your website, web forms, campaigns, and emails. We’ve centralized all sharing and publishing options in one place so you can quickly access the links and embed codes needed to reach your customers.

  • Another improvement streamlining configuration is the new sidebar on the Setup page. This new menu provides quick access to all integrations and tools, allowing you to easily build the optimal configuration for your specific business needs.

Improved user management

  • All your personal settings are now consolidated under My Profile. This allows each User to easily manage their personal details, Booking pages, notifications, date and time preferences  and account credentials, all in one place. 

  • We have made it easier for Administrators to manage big teams. With the new search box/drop-down menu in the User profile, account Administrators can now easily switch to view and edit different team members' profiles. Additionally, each User can now add a profile picture, making it easier to find specific members in a long list of Users. The User's profile picture is also automatically used as the default Booking page image for newly created Booking pages owned by them

  • Adding new Users to join your organization’s ScheduleOnce account is now a breeze. When Users first log into their account, they will be greeted with a new onboarding tour that will guide them through the main components of the application. New Users can now start receiving bookings as soon as they are added to the organization’s account, without being  required to log into their account and enable their Booking page. These changes streamline User onboarding and make it that much simpler for your entire team to use ScheduleOnce. 

  • Assigning or changing Booking page ownership is now easier than ever. In addition to managing ownership from each User's profile, you can now also manage it directly from the relevant Booking page.

More secure and compliant 

  • Protecting customer data is at the forefront of ScheduleOnce's security program. All customer data is now encrypted at rest with AES 256. New controls have also been put in place to protect data that is created or used on your Booking pages. Learn more about how ScheduleOnce secures Booking page data

  • ScheduleOnce allows you to comply with industry regulations and organizational policies by automatically sending a hidden copy of all outgoing customer email notifications to a designated email address. This feature is especially important for those organizations who are required to evaluate all sent messages for compliance purposes.

We hope you and your customers enjoy the changes we have made! It is important to us that the migration to ScheduleOnce 8.0 is as seamless and effortless as possible. We have updated our entire support center and video library to reflect the new features and improvements. Your account, Booking pages and Master pages have been automatically upgraded to ScheduleOnce 8.0. For more information on this release, read our blog on the new customer front and the new user interface.

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