Introduction to profile settings

Each User has a User profile that contains their details and the personal settings for their account. Members can only access their own profile, while Administrators can access and edit certain sections of other Users' profiles. Learn more about editing other User profiles

If you have received an invitation email from your organization, you will first need to join your Organization's OnceHub account.

In this article. you'll learn about accessing your own User profile

Accessing your User profile

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub Account. 
  2. Click on your profile image or initials in the top right corner and select Profile settings from the menu. 

My profile sections

  • Overview: View and edit personal details such as your photo, User name, Role, and Email ID. Integrations, calendar connection, licenses, product status, and owned booking pages are also displayed in this section. 
  • Calendar connection: Connect your calendar to OnceHub. 
  • Video conferencing: Connect your video conferencing app to OnceHub
  • Zapier: Connect to Zapier and integrate with hundreds of other apps
  • Email notifications: Control the settings for email notifications sent to Users and  Customers.
  • SMS notifications: Choose if you want to receive OnceHub booking notifications via SMS, and enter your mobile number details.
  • Date and time: Set your default time zone, date format, time format, and week start day.
  • Password: Change your password.
  • Authentication: Configure two-factor authentication for your account. 
  • Permissions: Manage various permissions for Users. Only Administrators have access to this section. 
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