What's new in version 7.5?

ScheduleOnce 7.5 introduces major enhancements to the ScheduleOnce platform.

Payment integration 

ScheduleOnce has partnered with PayPal to offer payment integration through all phases of the booking lifecycle, from the initial booking through to rescheduling and cancellations. Simply connect your PayPal account and ScheduleOnce takes care of all payment activities in an automated and secure manner:

  • Secure online payments: The online payment process is completely integrated into the Customer’s scheduling process, allowing your Customers to book and pay in one single action. Customers can pay with the currency and payment method of their choice, including all major cards as well as their PayPal account.
  • Reschedule fees and automatic refunds: The rescheduling policy allows you to set and charge fees for rescheduling, according to the timing of the reschedule action. When canceling a booking, partial or full refunds can be instantly credited back to customers based on the cancellation policies you define.
  • Session packages support: Built-in support for session packages allows Customers to book and pay for multiple sessions in one single action. ScheduleOnce streamlines the booking, payment collection, rescheduling, and cancellations of all sessions within the package.
  • Automatic invoicing: Fully customizable invoice templates allow you to automatically generate and send invoices for payment collection, as well as credits and refunds. Learn more about customizing invoice templates
  • Revenue reports: Detailed revenue reports provide full visibility into transactions throughout the booking lifecycle. Scheduling activities are presented in one central location, side-by-side with the correlating payment and credit transactions. Learn more about revenue reports

Learn more about payment integration

Watch our Payment integration video


Cancel/reschedule enhancements

ScheduleOnce 7.5 includes significant enhancements to various cancellation and reschedule processes:

  • New Customer’s Cancel/reschedule policy: Our Cancel/reschedule policy has been completely revamped to support independent cancellation and reschedule rules. The new policy includes more options related to reschedule reasons and provides complete control over policy messages displayed to Customers. Learn more about the Customer cancel/reschedule policy
  • Full compatibility with payment integration: The new Customer's cancel/reschedule policy is fully compatible with online payments, allowing collection of reschedule fees and automatic processing of refunds for cancellations.
  • Rescheduling with the same Booking page: The process for rescheduling with the same Booking page has been simplified to update the original event, rather than cancelling and creating a new one. 
  • Rescheduling the same Service: When Customers reschedule a booking, they will only be able to reschedule the same Service they originally scheduled, unless the User specifically cancels the booking on their behalf and requests the Customer reschedule a different Service.

Learn more about canceling and rescheduling through ScheduleOnce

Session package enhancements

Session packages have been enhanced with the following capabilities

  • Payment integration: Session packages have been updated to fully support payment integration. You can now offer discounted prices for booking multiple sessions in advance, locking your customer in and increasing revenue. Users and Customers have the flexibility to manage changes after the booking and can easily administer rescheduling and cancellation of individual sessions within the session package. 
  • New Session packages tab: You can now easily view all sessions in a single Session package. We have added a new Session packages tab in the Home page Activity stream that lists all session packages at the package level. Packages and their included sessions are interlinked. When viewing a package, it is possible to view all sessions included in the package.

Learn more about Session packages

Zapier enhancements

Additional changes 

ScheduleOnce 7.5 also includes the following notable changes:

  • Other option in custom fields: When using the dropdown or checkbox custom fields, it is now possible to add an Other option for customers to select. When Customers select the Other option, they will be able to type in the value of their choice. The Other data will be available in notifications and reports.
  • Improvements to default notifications: The default email notifications sent to Customers and Users have been enhanced with more informative subject lines and additional information related to reschedule processes.

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