What's new in version 5.8?

ScheduleOnce 5.8 includes three important features that are highly relevant to many of our customers:

1. MeetMe page tags

ScheduleOnce 5.7 enabled the categorization of MeetMe pages, allowing customers to use a hierarchical structure to navigate the customer interface. ScheduleOnce 5.8 further strengthens our customer interface and allows customers to filter MeetMe pages by tags.

For example, you have several team members who need to accept customer appointments in a show.  Each team member is assigned different tags according to their areas of expertise. When all team members are grouped under one booking page, customers are able to use tags to filter the team member list and only see team members that match their tag selection. Learn more about MeetMe page tags.

See a live example that uses both categories and tags

2. No-shows

It is now possible to track No-shows and get a deeper understanding of your customers' routines. Any activity in Completed status can be changed to No-show with a single click. You can track the No-show status in all reports, allowing you to view No-show statistics by various reporting dimensions. Learn more about tracking No-shows

3. Secure booking pages

Https adds an extra layer of security and secures all customer interaction with your booking page. Https is already available by default when a booking page is embedded in your website. With ScheduleOnce 5.8, it is now possible to use https in your standard customer links. For example, if you have two booking pages, meetme.so/scott and booknow.so/teams, you can use https://scheduleonce.com/scott or https://scheduleonce.com/teams. You can now share the https link with your customers and rest assured that all communication with your booking page is secure. Learn more about customer links and secure booking pages

If you have any questions about the new release, feel free to contact us.

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