Tracking and reporting No-shows

Your Customer didn't show up to the meeting? You may want to keep track of this. This can be done by changing the booking status to No-show. Regardless of whether the booking status is  Scheduled, Rescheduled or Completed you can change it to No-show. The No-show status is included in all reports and is part of the activity lifecycle process.

To change the status to No-show:

  • Select the completed activity from the Activity stream.
  • In the Details pane, select the Set to No-show action from the action menu (three dots) as in Figure 1.


You cannot change the status back to Completed, so please be sure you want to mark it as No-show for your reports

Figure 1: Set to No-show

Where do you track the No-show status?

  • You can track the No-show status in all reports. It is added to the summary and detail reports, making it possible to see the number and details of No-shows according to all reporting dimensions.

What happens when the status is No-show?

  • When you send a follow-up email to Customers, you define when they will receive the email notification. If you changed the status of the activity to No-show before the follow-up email event is triggered, the follow-up email will not be sent.
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