Tracking and reporting No-shows

If your Customer didn't show up to a meeting, you may want to keep track of this. This can be done by changing the booking status to No-show. Regardless of whether the booking status is Scheduled, Rescheduled, or Completed, you can change it to No-show

The No-show status is included in all reports and is part of the activity lifecycle process.

How to change the status to No-show

  1. Select the activity in the Activity stream.
  2. In the Details pane, select Set to No-show (Figure 1).
    Figure 1: Set to No-show 
  3. The No-show status pop-up will appear.
  4. Click Yes to set the status to No-show.


You cannot change the status back to Completed, so please be sure you want to mark it as No-show for your reports.

Where do you track the No-show status?

You can track the No-show status of an activity in all OnceHub reports. The status is added to the summary and detail reports, making it possible to see the number of No-shows and their details according to all reporting dimensions.

What happens when an activity status is set to No-show?

When you set up OnceHub to send a follow-up email to Customers, you can define when they will receive the email notification. If you changed the status of the activity to No-show before the follow-up email event is triggered, the follow-up email will not be sent.

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