What's new in version 5.7?

ScheduleOnce 5.7 includes many exciting features that are highly relevant to the vast majority of our users.

1. Booking form with Custom fields

You can now customize booking forms using custom fields, allowing you to collect more information from your customers when they make a booking online. Booking forms can include single-line and multi-line text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes and even request attachments. The information collected will be available in the activity stream, calendar events, and in all email communication to you and your customers.  Learn more about the new Booking form

2. Booking in multiple calendars

We have completely redesigned the user interface for connecting to Google calendar, making it more usable and powerful. Learn more about the new calendar section. It is now possible to automatically create additional calendar events in any number of calendars in your account. This rounds up our calendar integration functionality and enables:

  • Retrieval of busy time from multiple calendars
  • Booking in multiple calendars

This functionality enables three important scenarios:

  • Team MeetMe page – Booking with a team: This is a MeetMe page that retrieves availability from multiple team member calendars. When a booking is made, it is created in all team members’ calendars. Participating team members can receive a notification via a Google Calendar invite email or a text (SMS) message if they have enabled notifications for this calendar in their Google Calendar settings. 
  • Booking conditional on a single resource: There are many situations where booking should be conditional on the availability of a single resource, such as specific conference room. In this case, the MeetMe page can retrieve busy time from both the user’s calendar and the resource’s calendar. It will only display availability when both are free. When a booking is made, the calendar event is added to the user’s calendar as well as to the resource’s calendar. bLearn how to make a booking conditional on the availability of a resource
  • Notification to stakeholders: There is often a need to notify additional stakeholders when someone makes a booking. By adding stakeholder calendars as additional booking calendars, any number of stakeholders can receive notifications whenever someone makes a booking. 

3. New MeetMe and service categories

Based on the success of service categories we have extended categories to MeetMe pages as well. In addition, each service or MeetMe page category can now have not only a name but also a description and an image. These new categories will enable additional scheduling scenarios and provide a better scheduling experience to your customers.

Another benefit of categories is that they can now be used to organize your MeetMe pages and services on the administration side. MeetMe pages and Services can be categorized into an intuitive and functional hierarchical tree structure. 

4. Duplicating MeetMe pages and services

You can now save precious time when setting up and maintaining your ScheduleOnce account. Both MeetMe pages and services can now be duplicated with a single click. Duplication will instantly clone all settings, links to Services and even images. 

5. Change the location of Booking forms and Customer notifications section

You can now change the location of the Booking forms and Customer notifications section to be located within the MeetMe page or the service.  This means that booking forms and customer notifications can either vary by MeetMe page or by service. This additional flexibility enables better modeling of advanced scheduling scenarios and provides a better scheduling experience to your customers.

For example, a multi-user account with multiple members providing coaching services can enable each coach to customize their customer notifications. Alternatively, customer notifications can be centrally managed together with the services that all coaches provide. Learn more about the location of Booking forms and Customer notifications

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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