What's new in version 8.7?

ScheduleOnce 8.7 introduces several major improvements that allow multi-user accounts to better manage bookings within and across teams.

New Activity stream

Our new high-performance Activity stream replaces the previous Home page and makes it easier to manage booking and payment activities. The Activity stream provides advanced functionality for filtering and searching, giving you quick access to the information you require.  You can locate specific activities with our free text search, and easily view daily meetings, upcoming meetings, and booking requests. You can also create your own filters, which can be saved for easy access. When viewing a specific activity, you will be able to view related activities, such as payments, reschedules, and cancellations, and be able to perform actions such as refunding a payment or requesting to reschedule. You will have full insight into your organization’s bookings and be able to manage all activities easily in one place. Learn more about the Activity stream

NoteThe new Activity stream is being rolled out gradually. You will see it in your account within the next two weeks.

Booking reassignment

You can now seamlessly reassign bookings from one Team member to another. When a booking is reassigned, the relevant Team members are updated. From your Customer’s perspective, the event remains as originally scheduled. Customers show up to bookings as planned, and the experience remains intact. This feature is available to Users who are connected to Google Calendar or are not connected to a calendar. Learn more about Booking reassignment

Note Booking reassignment is being rolled out gradually. You will see it in your account within the next two weeks.

Master page scenarios

We’ve updated the way Master pages are created to ensure better usability and scalability for large teams. Now the Master page type is determined by the page's Scenario. The Scenario you choose determines the flow Customers will experience when scheduling on your Master page. Rule-based assignment is a new Scenario that allows you to create rules for how bookings will be distributed to Booking pages. Previously, bookings could only be distributed according to Static rules, where assignment is determined by existing associations between Event types and Booking pages. Now, bookings can be distributed according to Dynamic rules, which do not require any hard-coded associations between Event types and Booking pages. Dynamic assignment rules are currently in beta. Read more below. 

Note Your existing Master pages will not be affected by the change and have been automatically migrated to the relevant scenario.

Resource pools (beta)

Resource pools are now available in beta. Resource pools allow you to dynamically distribute bookings among a group of Team members in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. Each resource pool can have its own method for distributing bookings. We now offer round robin as a method for distributing bookings, ensuring an equal booking distribution among Team members. Alternatively, you can use pooled availability or pooled availability with priority as your distribution method. As bookings come in, you will be able to monitor how many bookings each Team member receives and ensure an optimal distribution of bookings at any point in time. If you are interested in participating in the beta program and testing out Resource pools, please contact us. Watch our video on using Resource pools to distribute bookings across teams

Dynamic assignment rules (beta)

The ability to dynamically assign bookings to Team members is now available in beta. When your Master page Scenario is Rule-based assignment, you can create dynamic assignment rules that are defined per Event type. You can select any combination of Booking pages and/or Resource pools to provide the Event type, regardless of the existing associations between Booking pages and Event types. This provides large teams with more flexibility in setting up their Master pages. If you are interested in participating in the beta program and testing out dynamic assignment rules, please contact us.

Panel meetings (beta)

Panel meetings are now available in beta. With Panel meetings, you can allow Customers to book a time to meet with multiple Team members simultaneously. You can create panels with specific Team members, or dynamic panels that use Resource pools to assign relevant Team members. Once a booking is scheduled, a calendar event is created and sent to all panel members. Additionally, panel members receive all notifications, including the initial confirmation, reminders, and updates regarding any schedule changes. If you are interested in participating in the beta program and testing out Panel meetings, please contact us.

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