What's new in version 8.3?

ScheduleOnce 8.3 introduces several new enhancements to the ScheduleOnce platform.

HIPAA compliance

ScheduleOnce now offers a HIPAA compliant scheduling solution for companies in the healthcare industry. Customers requiring HIPAA compliance can sign our Business Associate Agreement to ensure all their patient information is collected, stored, and distributed in a HIPAA compliant manner. Learn more about HIPAA compliance

Customer guests

You can now allow your customers to invite additional attendees to their meetings via ScheduleOnce. When customers fill out your booking form, they can invite up to 10 attendees to their meeting. Additional attendees will receive all ScheduleOnce customer notifications and a calendar invite for the meeting. Learn more about Customer guests

Add Zaps from within ScheduleOnce

Using our Zapier integration, you can now create new Zaps without leaving your ScheduleOnce account. With just a few clicks, you can set up one of our Zap templates with 35+ applications. We currently have 75+ Zap templates that seamlessly push data to the most popular business applications. Learn more about adding Zaps from within ScheduleOnce

Website integration enhancements

When integrated with your website, our booking pages are designed to automatically adjust based on the content of the booking page. In addition to this flexibility, we now allow you to set a fixed height for the integrated page. This gives you more options to fit your booking pages perfectly with your online environment. Learn more about our website integration

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