What's new in version 7.9?

ScheduleOnce 7.9 introduces major enhancements to the ScheduleOnce platform.

Exchange integration

ScheduleOnce introduces the industry's first direct integration with Exchange via self-service. The Exchange integration supports all variations of Microsoft Exchange: On-Premise Exchange, Exchange online, Office 365, and Outlook.com. The connection works in real-time, maintains the highest security and privacy standards supported by your Exchange server, and is compatible with PCs, Macs, and any mobile device. Learn more about Exchange Integration

Revamped default email notifications

We have revitalized the look-and-feel of our default notifications. The new modern and intuitive design allows users and customers to more easily digest all the booking details they require. As always, if you want to tweak the wording a bit, add additional booking information or simply add a logo, you can use our Notification template editor to customize your templates and base them on our newly designed default templates.

Timeframe rules based on business days

You can now choose to display time slots to your customers based on your business working days. Customers will only see the first X days that have one or more time slots available. Unavailable or fully-booked days will be skipped. Learn more about this feature

Hidden fields

Fields on the booking form can now be hidden from Customers. Hidden fields are useful for passing internal company information, such as a marketing campaign ID or customer ID, through the booking process, without exposing it to customers. Hidden fields will be automatically added to your User notifications, ensuring you have all the booking and customer information you need in one place. Learn more about Hidden fields

New talent acquisition solutions

With the acquisition of Reschedge (announced last month) we are now able to offer an end-to-end solution for interview scheduling through all phases of the talent acquisition life-cycle. To showcase our new capabilities, we have added new talent acquisition solution pages to our website. 

Zoom web conferencing integration via Zapier

ScheduleOnce now integrates with Zoom via Zapier. We have created a number of ready-made zaps you can use out of the box to automatically create a Zoom meeting when a booking is made via ScheduleOnce.  If you are using ScheduleOnce with Google calendar, the Zoom link can be automatically added to the calendar event. With all other calendars, the Zoom link can be sent to your Customer via email. Learn more about Zoom integration

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