What's new in version 7.2?

ScheduleOnce 7.2 includes multiple enhancements across a number of product areas:

Personalized Customer notifications

Including a team member’s picture in customer communications allows you to engage with your Customers on a more personal level. With this release, it is now possible to include the booking page image in default Customer notification emails. Any new booking page created after this release will have this option turned on by default. If you want to enable it for your existing booking pages, you can do so in the Booking page details for each Booking page.

Booking page image in customer notifications

Customer email address confirmation

If you are worried about Customers mistyping their email address when making a booking, you can now turn on the email address confirmation option in the Customer email System field in the Booking form. This will require the Customer to enter their email address a second time and allow ScheduleOnce to verify that both email addresses match.

ScheduleOnce email address confirmation 

Salesforce connector – Improved handling of Salesforce required fields

We have improved the handling of required Salesforce fields by using the default values in Salesforce wherever possible. This reduces the amount of required fields that will need to be handled during the connector setup. The use of default values will always prevent validation errors and result in a more robust integration. If you are already using our Salesforce integration, you will notice that all Salesforce picklists and checkboxes were removed from the Required mapping step of the ScheduleOnce setup wizard and the default Salesforce value is used instead. In addition, other required Salesforce supported fields that have a default value in Salesforce are removed from the required mapping and added to the optional mapping step instead.

If you want to set a specific value for Salesforce fields based on ScheduleOnce data, you should use Salesforce Workflow rules.

Salesforce connector – Support for Person Accounts

The ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce is now compatible with existing Salesforce Person Accounts. When a booking is made with an existing Person Account, the Person account record will be updated and a new Activity event will be created. When working with existing Person Accounts, it is highly advisable to use our special Salesforce links that recognize the Person Account by their Salesforce record ID.

Infusionsoft connector - Support for Infusionsoft campaign forms

The ScheduleOnce connector for Infusionsoft is now compatible with Infusionsoft campaign forms, enabling automatic redirection to the ScheduleOnce booking page when the form is submitted. The automatic redirect includes the Infusionsoft contact ID that is automatically passed to ScheduleOnce. This allows the contact to complete the booking process without providing any information they already provided via the Infusionsoft form.

Zapier integration - New Zapier triggers

When we went live with Zapier, we had one composite trigger that covered all booking lifecycle events. In this release, we have added six specific triggers that will make it easier and simpler to create the specific Zaps you need. In addition, the six new triggers will enable us to create shared Zaps, making it even easier and faster to integrate ScheduleOnce with your favorite apps. Learn more about ScheduleOnce triggers on Zapier

Improved billing notifications

We have improved the billing notifications related to payment for your ScheduleOnce account. You can now add external stakeholders who will receive these notifications without requiring a User license. We have also added advance billing notifications that will alert you to your upcoming payment seven days before it is due. Learn more about billing notifications

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear it. You can use our Contact page.

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