Billing notifications

OnceHub provides billing notifications that alert Users to events throughout the billing lifecycle. Billing notifications are managed in your OnceHub Account in the Billing Notifications section. You have complete control over which billing notifications are sent and who receives them. 

In this article, you'll learn about the different types of billing notifications and how to control which notifications are sent to each User.

Who receives billing notifications?

Any User in your OnceHub Account can receive billing notifications. They do not need an assigned product license. Learn more

OnceHub Administrators can select which Users in the account should receive billing notifications and decide which billing notifications each User will receive. By default, the OnceHub Administrator who made the first purchase on the account will receive all billing notifications.


At least one User must receive payment failure notifications.

Types of billing notifications

OnceHub provides billing notifications that cover key events throughout the billing lifecycle:

  • Advance billing notice: Sent 7 days before a recurring subscription payment is due.
  • Payment and invoicing: Sent when a subscription payment has been completed successfully or when an invoice has been issued.
  • Payment failure notice: Sent when a recurring subscription payment cannot be processed
    • The first payment failure notice is sent when your card cannot be processed. 
    • The second notice is sent 7 days after your payment could not be processed. 
    • The third and final notice is sent 3 days before your account is deleted.
      Learn more about payment hold
  • Card expiration notice: Sent 21 days, 11 days, and 1 day before the card used to pay for your OnceHub subscription expires.

Requirements for managing billing notifications

You must be a OnceHub Administrator to manage billing notifications.

Managing billing notifications

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub Account. 
  2. In the top navigation menu, select the gear icon Billing Notifications (Figure 1). Figure 1: Billing Notifications section
  3. To select Users who should receive billing notifications, click the Select Users drop-down.
  4. You can decide which billing notifications each User will receive. To opt out of receiving a notification, simply toggle the specific notification OFF. To opt in, toggle the notification ON.
  5. Click Save
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