What's new in version 6.7?

Release 6.7 is a major overhaul of the customer interface – New graphic design, personal booking page themes, new tablet interface, and improved website integration.

Interface redesign

The customer interface has been redesigned with a sleek, modern UI across all devices – desktop, tablet, and smartphones. See our new customer interface

Personal booking page themes

It is now possible to align your booking pages with the look and feel of your brand. You can select from five ready-made themes and fully control the color of your booking page buttons. See our booking page themes

New tablet interface

Customers who access your booking pages via tablets will now enjoy a dedicated tablet interface. The new tablet interface is responsive, auto-adjusting to both portrait and landscape views.

Improved website integration

Our brandless embed is now fully responsive, allowing the booking page to automatically adjust to the width of the webpage in which it is embedded, providing your customers with the best scheduling experience on any device. In addition, the new light and modern interface blends into your website environment, conveying your brand identity at its fullest. See our brandless embed

Please note: If ScheduleOnce is already embedded in your website, you must replace the embed code by going in your ScheduleOnce Account to Integration -> Website integration -> Brandless embed.

Additional notable features in this release include:

View booking activities by Meeting time

We have added an additional view to the Home page activity stream, allowing you to view activities sorted by their meeting times, rather than the last updated date. This additional view will make it easier to see your upcoming bookings and find the booking you need.

During 2015, we plan to completely redesign the activity stream and add full text search capabilities.

Limit the number of bookings per week

You can now limit the number of bookings that can be made in a given week. When the limit is reached, the entire week will become unavailable. This new setting works in conjunction with the setting that limits the number of bookings per day and can be found in the Booking section under Booking restrictions.

Customer not added to calendar event as guest/attendee when invite is not sent to the customer

When your calendar is connected to ScheduleOnce and you choose not to send a calendar invite to your customer, the calendar event created in your connected calendar will not include the customer as a guest/attendee.  This ensures that your calendar event will not be added to the customer’s calendar under any circumstances.

No-show status in calendar event

When your calendar is connected to ScheduleOnce and you change an activity's status to No-show, the Calendar event in your connected calendar will have a NO-SHOW added at the beginning of the subject line. Learn more about changing the status of an activity

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear it. You can use our Contact page.

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