What's new in version 6.1?

Version 6.1 includes the ScheduleOnce connector for Infusionsoft, removal of the free plan, and a few minor changes and bug fixes.

Integration with Infusionsoft

The ScheduleOnce connector for Infusionsoft enables deep integration with Infusionsoft and supports a wide range of integration features, such as automatic record creation, automatic record assignment, tagging, field mapping, automatic classification, automatic lead sources, integrated Infusionsoft links, and more. Learn more about the ScheduleOnce connector for Infusionsoft

Removal of the Basic (free) plan

The Basic (free) plan will no longer be available for new signups. Those who are already on the Basic plan can continue to use it. The reason for the removal of the free plan is the inherent conflict between our desire to provide support to our customers and free plan users, who often require assistance but are unable to receive it. The removal of the free plan enables us to provide great support and increase the overall satisfaction of our customer base.

Webex Meetings integration: Added support for toll-only option and toll & toll free

We have updated the ScheduleOnce connector for Webex Meetings to support automatic provisioning of either a toll number only, or toll & toll free. Learn more about the ScheduleOnce connector for Webex Meetings

If you have any questions about the new release, feel free to contact us

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