What's new in version 5.3?

ScheduleOnce 5.3 includes one highly requested feature – Multiple bookings per time slot. This feature allows you to specify the number of bookings that can be made before a time slot becomes unavailable.

Multiple bookings per slot works with your calendar in real time and allow to you to control the number of bookings per slot in a wide range of scenarios. Any booking that you create in your main booking calendar (via ScheduleOnce or directly in your calendar) will be counted towards the defined capacity. In addition, if you want to take into account additional activities you can retrieve busy time from additional calendars and any conflicting activity will close the slot regardless of its capacity.

There are now three ways in which you can control the number of bookings per slot:

  • Single booking per slot: In this mode the slot becomes unavailable as soon a booking is made. This mode is used for one-on-one meetings and is the default mode when your calendar is connected. Single booking per slot requires a connected calendar.
  • Multiple bookings per slot: You can specify the number of bookings that can be made before the slot becomes unavailable. This mode is used to accept bookings for activities that serve more than one customer at a time like classes, tours and many types of group sessions. Multiple bookings per slot require a connected calendar.
  • Unlimited bookings per slot: In this mode there is no limit on the number of bookings per slot. This mode is the only possible mode when working without a connected calendar, as there is no calendar to block availability. Unlimited bookings per slot is used for webinars and online classes where there is no physical limitation on capacity. 

Please note that since we now have full control over the number of bookings per slot via the number of bookings per slot feature, there is no need to uncheck the main booking calendar in order to create the unlimited booking scenario. For this reason we are no longer allowing to uncheck the calendar that retrieves busy time from the main booking calendar. This will eliminate some of the previous configuration errors that some users were experiencing.

For more information about multiple bookings per slot please read the Controlling the number of bookings per slot article.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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