Introduction to calendar connection

OnceHub works directly with the personal calendars of its Users in real time. The advantages of this approach include:

  • Real-time connection: OnceHub works with your calendar in real time. Other appointment schedulers that have their own calendars may sync with your calendar from time to time, but this is not a real-time connection and can result in double bookings and other issues.
  • Bookings are created directly in your calendar: All bookings are created directly in your calendar of choice. All information that was collected during the scheduling process is accessible directly from your calendar.
  • Retrieve busy time: Busy time can be retrieved from multiple calendars and block your availability in multiple configurations, ensuring you are never double-booked. 


Regardless of how you connect, your calendar information is always kept private and calendar appointments and free/busy patterns are never revealed to Customers.

Calendar connection options

The following calendar connection options are available (Note that currently InviteOnce only supports Google Calendar): 


Working with no calendar connected is also an option for ScheduleOnce Users. OnceHub will ensure that there is no overlap from bookings made on your account. You can manually add events to your calendar directly from Booking confirmation emails. Learn more about Calendar connection in OnceHub

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