What's new in version 5.0?

ScheduleOnce 5.0 is our biggest release ever and includes important new features and pricing changes.

New features

Multi-user support

Multi-user plans enable organizational scheduling scenarios that involve multiple users in one or more time zones. This means that you can create sub accounts for your users and configure them with the access control rules that your business requires. MeetMe pages can now be assigned and transferred between users and additional stakeholders can be added to MeetMe pages as Editors and Viewers. With multi-user plans you can create the desired scheduling scenario and deploy it to your team for a smooth and easy start. Learn more about our multi-user support

Cancel and Reschedule

You can now cancel, request a reschedule, or set a cancellation policy for your customers and allow them to cancel or reschedule via links in the scheduling confirmation email and calendar event. When a cancellation takes place everyone is immediately notified and the calendar event is automatically updated to free up the time slot for new bookings. Learn more about cancel/reschedule

New lifecycle phases

We have added more lifecyle phases to make it easier to track activities throughout their lifecycle. Lifecycle phases now include Requested (for booking with approval), scheduled, rescheduled, completed and canceled. 

HTML emails

All notification emails have been upgraded to clean and structured HTML emails that provide a better user experience to you and your customers. Make a test booking with Dana to see the new notifications.

Calendar invites

For those who prefer not to use the Google Calendar invites - We have added our own calendar invites in the scheduling confirmation page and scheduling confirmation emails. It is now possible to add the booking to your customers’ calendars via the Google Calendar invite only, via the ScheduleOnce calendar invites or via both. Learn more about calendar invites

New Notifications section

Each MeetMe page now includes a new Notifications section that will allow you to select the notification types that you would like to receive. In our multi-user plans you can also set notification rules for all users who have access rights to the MeetMe page. Learn more about the notifications section

Pricing changes

We are introducing multi-user pricing and making it easier and cheaper for our Professional plan users. To learn more about our pricing changes please see the ScheduleOnce pricing table and the 5.0 pricing changes FAQ.

Per user pricing for multi-user plans

In multi-user plans the pricing is per user - Each user requires a license which can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Each user license comes with three MeetMe pages that can be allocated in any way you like. For example, if the Workgroup plan is purchased for 5 users the total monthly cost will be 5 x $29 = $145/month and the account will have 15 MeetMe pages that can be allocated between users in any way you like.

MeetMe pages a la carte

It is now possible to purchase more MeetMe pages and add them to any Professional or higher account. This method will enable you to purchase the exact number of MeetMe pages that you need, rather than purchasing set packages. 

Unlimited services and BookNow pages

We have removed the pricing on Services and BooKNow pages and you can now use them with no limits in any Professional or higher plan.

Changes in the way we upgrade

When you upgrade to a higher plan or purchase more MeetMe pages under the same billing cycle, the first payment will be prorated to coincide with the existing billing date. For example, if you purchased the Plus plan for $5/month and on the same day you upgraded to the Premium plan which is $9/month, you will pay an additional $4 which is the difference between the plans and you will maintain your original billing date.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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