What's new in version 8.8?

ScheduleOnce 8.8 introduces ground-breaking features for team scheduling scenarios, including Resource pools, Dynamic assignment rules, and Panel meetings. Following the success of the private beta in 8.7, these features are now available for public beta.

Resource pools (Public beta)

Resource pools allow you to dynamically distribute bookings among a group of Team members in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. Each resource pool can have its own method for distributing bookings. We now offer round robin as a method for distributing bookings, ensuring an equal booking distribution among Team members. Alternatively, you can use pooled availability or pooled availability with priority as your distribution method. As bookings come in, you will be able to monitor how many bookings each Team member receives and ensure an optimal distribution of bookings at any point in time. Learn more about Resource pools

Dynamic assignment rules (Public beta)

When your Master page scenario is Rule-based assignment, you can create dynamic assignment rules that are defined per Event type. You can select any combination of Booking pages and/or Resource pools to provide the Event type, regardless of the existing associations between Booking pages and Event types. This provides large teams with more flexibility in setting up their Master pages. Learn more about Dynamic assignment rules

Panel meetings (Public beta)

With Panel meetings, you can allow Customers to book a time to meet with multiple Team members simultaneously. You can create panels with specific Team members, or dynamic panels that use Resource pools to assign relevant Team members. Once a booking is scheduled, a calendar event is created and sent to all panel members. Additionally, panel members receive all notifications, including the initial confirmation, reminders, and updates regarding any schedule changes. Learn more about Panel meetings

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