What's new in version 8.6?

ScheduleOnce 8.6 includes several new features including Localization, common client-side API features, and source tracking. We have also launched a beta program for our new Activity stream and Booking reassignment feature. Additionally, you can now register for upcoming webinars and watch previous webinars directly from our website.


You can now offer a localized scheduling experience by applying different languages and date and time formats to your Booking pages. ScheduleOnce provides seven out-of-the-box languages including American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguêse (Brazil), and Dutch. You can use these languages as is, or edit them in our Localization editor. To create an end-to-end localized experience, you can also customize email and SMS notifications in the language of your choice. Learn more about Localization

See our Localization demos: French | German | Spanish | Portuguêse (Brazil) | Dutch

Client-side API features

We have released a number of common client-side API features, allowing you to send booking confirmation data to custom web pages and third-party applications via URL parameters and JavaScript. These features allows you to build custom integrations to customize the post-scheduling experience. For example, you can build personalized confirmation pages, prepopulate a web form with booking information, and enrich Customer profile data in your own application. Developers or technically savvy users with scripting or programming knowledge can learn more about our client-side API features in our Developer center.

Source tracking

You can now track the source of your bookings and get insight into your booking conversion rate per campaign or funnel. This can be done by adding UTM tags to your Booking page URL. When a Customer schedules with you, these tags will be passed to your automatic redirect page, allowing you to track conversions throughout your funnel. Learn more about source tracking

New Activity stream (beta)

Our new Activity stream, which will replace the current Home page, is now available in beta. The new high-performance Activity stream provides greater functionality for filtering and searching, allowing you to easily find and manage booking and payment activities. If you are interested in participating in the beta program and testing out the new stream, please contact us.

Booking reassignment (beta)

Our Booking reassignment feature is now available in beta. This feature allows you to seamlessly reassign bookings from one Team member to another. When a booking is reassigned, the relevant Team members are updated. The original meeting owner is notified, and the event is deleted from their calendar. The new meeting owner receives all meeting details and the event is added to their calendar. From your Customer’s perspective, the event remains as originally scheduled. Customers show up to bookings as planned, and the experience remains flawless. If you are interested in participating in the beta program and testing out Booking reassignment, please contact us.

Webinars page

You can now stay up-to-date on our ongoing product education activities by registering to our upcoming webinars and watching previous webinars directly from our website. We host biweekly webinars to give you tips and insights on using ScheduleOnce in different industries and scenarios and to keep you updated on new features. Most recently, we hosted a webinar on using ScheduleOnce in a GDPR-compliant manner. Our next webinar will cover all the new features in ScheduleOnce 8.6. Go to the webinars page.

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