What's new in version 8.1?

ScheduleOnce 8.1 is a follow-up on ScheduleOnce 8.0. We have listened to your valuable feedback and made a number of small enhancements that together add up to an improved user experience for you and your customers. 

An improved Customer scheduling experience

  • One less click in the scheduling process: Up until this release, when using our time zone conversion feature, your customers were prompted to confirm their auto-detected time zone. We have now added the option to use "clickless confirmation" if automatic time zone detection is successful (automatic detection is based on the Customer's IP address). The "clickless confirmation" displays a brief message that disappears after three seconds and draws the customer's attention to the time zone selected. This new setting allows you to offer your customers a faster and smoother scheduling process. By default, we always ask the customer to confirm their time zone. If you would like to use "clickless confirmation", go to the Time slot section and uncheck the "Prompt Customers to confirm their auto-detected time zone" box.    



  • A more intuitive rescheduling experience: When rescheduling, customers will now first pick a new date and time and will only then be required to provide a reschedule reason. This ensures that customers will only enter a reschedule reason if they have found a new time slot that suits them. Previously, they may have entered and submitted a reschedule reason and only then realized that no time slot suits them. This change in the order of steps results in a smoother, confusion-free rescheduling experience.
  • Simplifying multi-slot selection: If you are using Session packages or Booking with approval, your customers are required to select multiple time slots during the scheduling process. We have made this easier to understand. Every time the customer picks another time slot, an indication of how many more sessions are required to be selected is displayed. 


Easier User setup and maintenance

  • Easy access to integrations and tools from anywhere in the app: The new side bar added in ScheduleOnce 8.0 is now accessible from all areas of the app. This allows quicker access to the Integrations and Tools sections.
  • More power to Administrators: Administrators can now update profile images for new users they create and edit. This allows Administrators to more easily manage their team. 
  • Setup lobby page improvement: In the Setup page, we have made it easier to understand who the Owner of a Booking page is and what your level of access to that Booking page is. We have also made Public links visible in the Booking page and Master page list views. 


New features

  • More choice for creating a customized post-scheduling experience: You can now automatically redirect customers to different webpages after they schedule, reschedule or cancel a booking. This allows you to customize the entire customer experience and lets you accurately track the effectiveness of your campaigns. 
  • More design options: In the Theme designer where you customize the design of your Booking pages, you can now define the font color of the call-to-action text. This gives you greater flexibility to ensure all your pages are in line with your branding.


  • Securer User invitations: The sign-in link sent to newly created users within your account is now only valid for 24 hours before it expires. This significantly reduces the risk of "an attack vector" or an "unauthorized access point" from accessing your account through the link invitation. 
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