What's new in version 6.9?

ScheduleOnce 6.9 is all about improving communications. We are giving you the power to completely control how you communicate with your Customers and Users throughout the entire booking lifecycle.

Note to our existing customers: Prior to this release, you only had control over a small number of notifications. This release gives you control over ALL notifications. We have done our best to migrate your notification preferences, but this is partly a subjective issue. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you review the Customer notifications and User notifications sections on your Booking pages and Services.

ScheduleOnce 6.9 includes the following communication features:

1. Custom notification templates

Any notification scenario can now be completely customized in terms of content, look and feel, and the channels through which it is delivered (email and/or SMS). Customer notifications, User notifications, the calendar event, Widget emails, and the new User signup email can be fully customized with our new WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) Notifications template editor. Once templates are defined, you can control when, how, and to whom they are sent by Booking page or Service. The Notification templates editor is released as a beta product so that we can gather feedback on the actual templates that our users create. We expect the beta program to last a few weeks. Learn more about the Notifications template editor

2. SMS notifications

Any User or Customer notification scenario can now be delivered to Customers or Users via SMS. All SMS messages are sent through our private short code 75732. The short code provides us with a sending throughput of up to 100 SMS messages per second, can reach any mobile number worldwide, and provides delivery receipts that can be viewed via your SMS transaction log. In addition, we support concatenated SMS or long SMS messages, allowing you to deliver SMS messages that are far beyond the standard 160 character limit. Each ScheduleOnce account comes with 25 free SMS credits. Learn more about SMS notifications

3. Email from your domain and improved email integration

All emails related to Customer and User activity can now be sent from your company’s domain and email address of choice. For example, you can send all emails from scheduling@example.com where example.com is your domain. In addition, each user can set their own email name label and Reply to email address. For example, for John Smith, you can have "John Smith <scheduling@example.com>". If John Smith is the only one using ScheduleOnce, John can have "John Smith <john.smith@example.com>". if John would like all reply to emails to go to his assistant Sarah, he can change the Reply to email address - Reply to: sarah.jones@example.com. Learn more about email integration

4. New Customer and User notification sections

The new Customer and User notification sections allow you to control all notification scenarios by Booking page or Service. You can choose from more than 30 notification scenarios, select the template you would like use, and whether it should be sent via email, SMS, both, or not be sent at all.
Learn more about the new Customer notifications section | Learn more about the new User notifications section

5. Reminders for Users

Prior to ScheduleOnce 6.9, reminders were available for Customers only and subscribed users could only be copied on Customer reminders. With ScheduleOnce 6.9, reminders are now available independently to Users as well as Customers, and can be configured at different times with different templates and different delivery methods. Learn more about setting reminder and follow-up messages

6. New Booking form editor

ScheduleOnce 6.9 includes our new WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) Booking form editor. This is a powerful and flexible forms editor that can be used to generate a wide range of booking forms. The Booking form editor supports reordering of both System and Custom fields, including Conditional fields that were previously not exposed. In addition, the editor enables changing of field titles and subtext for both System and Custom fields, allowing you to collect Customer data in the most precise and efficient manner. Learn more about the new Booking form editor

Note to our existing customers: In the Booking form editor, you will see a list of Booking forms based on your existing Booking pages and Services. You can rename the Booking forms, delete the ones that are not required, and configure your Booking pages and services to use different booking forms.

7. New Booking form section

In conjunction with the new Booking form editor, we have changed the Booking form section on Booking pages and Services. The Booking form section is where you see the various Booking forms available in your account and select the one you want to use. Learn more about the new Booking form section

In addition to the new communication features described above, ScheduleOnce 6.9 includes the following improvements:

1. New Scheduling options section

We have added a new settings section to Booking pages and Services: Scheduling options. This section reorganizes your existing settings and and provides better visibility into the full range of scheduling options available. Scheduling options provide a choice between:

  • Automatic booking or Booking with approval
  • Single session or Session packages
  • One-on-one session or Group sessions

Learn more about the new Scheduling options section

2. Tracking ID

All sessions booked via ScheduleOnce now have a Tracking ID, a unique eight-character string that identifies every booked session. The Tracking ID can be found in each activity in the Home page activity stream, in the Scheduling confirmation page, the Calendar event and in all Default notification templates to Users and Customers. Learn more about the tracking ID

3. Activity stream filters and search

The activity stream can now be filtered by date range according to the Last updated time or the Meeting time. In addition, it can also be searched by a specific Tracking ID. In the future, we will be adding full text search capabilities. Learn more about the Activity stream

4. Booking section renamed to Time slots section

We have renamed the Booking section in Booking pages and Services to Time slots and reorganized some of its settings. This improves the usability of this section and allows the user to easily understand the relationship between time slots and availability. Learn more about the Time slot section

5. New location for Automatic redirect

We have made the Automatic redirect feature more prominent by moving it to the Booking form section. Once the form is submitted by the Customer, ScheduleOnce can either display the Scheduling confirmation page, or redirect the Customer to a URL of your choice. Learn more about Automatic redirect

6. Removal of the General tab

The general tab previously under the Configuration page was removed and split between the Account’s Personal settings section and the Group scheduling’s Group scheduling and reminder settings.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear it. You can use our Contact page.

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