What's new in version 5.95?

ScheduleOnce 5.95 is a minor release that introduces an advanced scheduling scenario – Conditional booking.

Conditional booking allows you to accept bookings that are conditional on the availability of one or more resources. When a booking is made, the relevant resource is automatically reserved and is no longer available to others. This allows you to maximize resource utilization and ensure that a resource is never double booked. 

For example, there are five interviewers and only three interview rooms. A booking can only be created if both the interviewer and an interview room are available.

Conditional booking can be based on the availability of a single resource, or on the availability of multiple resources. Check out the Conditional booking page on our website and learn how to create a single resource scenario or a multiple resource scenario.

ScheduleOnce 5.95 also introduces one additional enhancement:

The Company field is now a System field that allows you to collect the company name from customers who schedule with you. Until today, if you wanted to add a company field to your booking form, you had to create it as a Custom field. Since this field is so common, we have made it available as a System field to enable or disable as you wish. Learn more about System fields and booking forms

If you have any questions about the new release, feel free to contact us.

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