What's new in version 5.6?

ScheduleOnce 5.6 introduces a number of important improvements, with Reports being the most exciting feature.


We have added a new report generator to the system and you can now generate the following types of reports:

Each report has a Summary view and a Detail view that allows you to drill down to the activity level. Reports can be easily exported to Excel or to a branded PDF report. Reports are available in Professional and higher plans. To learn more about ScheduleOnce Reports please see the Introduction to ScheduleOnce reports article.

Calendar connection with the new Google Calendar API

We have upgraded our calendar connection to use the latest version of the Google Calendar API. This version enables a faster and more stable connection that results in better performance for you and your customers. For this reason, we recommend that you upgrade your calendar connection. 

Update the Account owner name

It is now possible to change the Account owner name. We have added the First name and Last name fields to the Personal settings section in Account -> Settings tab -> Personal settings.

Updated mobile widget UI

We have updated the mobile widget UI so that the closed widget is at the bottom of the page and not on the side. We plan to have more improvements for the mobile widget UI that will become available in future releases.

Scheduling in Booking with approval

When scheduling in Booking with approval we no longer show a list of all the calendars in your Google Calendar account when the Schedule button is clicked. Instead, we will always book in the calendar that you have selected in the Calendars section. The main reason for this change is that the ability to select other calendars could result in bookings that are created in a calendar that is different than the one from which busy time is retrieved. Please note that as a result of this change the calendar in which bookings are created now applies to both automatic booking and Booking with approval.

Activity stream changes

We have made some minor UI changes in the activity stream to improve usability. The most notable change is the addition of the suggested times in Booking with approval to the Details pane. As a result it is now possible to view these times from the notification email or the activity stream and there is no need to enter the Schedule page. If the times don't work, you can simply request new times from the "Request new times" link in the Activity stream.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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