What's new in version 5.4?

ScheduleOnce 5.4 introduces new meeting location capabilities and reorganizes the Booking settings to make them more usable and easier to understand.

New location section

We have added a new and highly flexible location section that specifically handles four location scenarios:

  1. Virtual meetings with conferencing information provided by the owner (you)
  2. Virtual meetings with conferencing information provided by the customer
  3. Face-to-face meetings with a physical location that is set by the owner (you)
  4. Face-to-face meetings where the customer is the one that sets the location

We have also made changes to how location information is displayed on the customer side and included the ability to customize the location label and location information to be anything you want.

For more information about our new location capabilities please see the Location article.

Removal of the old location field from the Information section

We have removed the old location field from the Information section. This means that from now on the location is always tied to the MeetMe page and does not move to the service.

Reorganizing the booking settings

Since we have recently added more settings to the Booking section, we have decided to reorganize it in four subsections:

  1. Automatic booking or with approval: Work in Automatic booking mode or Booking with approval mode
  2. Time slots: Includes Duration, Time slots start, Number of bookings per slot and Number of slots per day
  3. Booking restrictions: Includes Number of bookings per day and Buffer between bookings
  4. Booking timeframe: Sets the auto-adjusting timeframe in which bookings can be made

Learn more about the new Booking section

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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