What's new in version 4.5?

Version 4.5 provides your customers with a modern mobile interface when they schedule from their mobile devices. The mobile interface is also available for embedding in a web page and is great for small/narrow spaces. 

Mobile customer interface

When customers use your MeetMe and BookNow pages from a smartphone they will be automatically served with the mobile interface of your page. This is a modern HTML 5 web application that will work instantly and will not require any download or setup. Customers who are using tablets will be automatically redirected to the improved desktop interface. We have worked hard on the mobile interface to keep it at par with the outstanding scheduling experience that our desktop interface provides.

Embed for small/narrow spaces

The mobile interface is also available for embedding in small/narrow web spaces. When you open the Branded experience section you will be able to choose between embedding the desktop interface or embedding the mobile interface.

Improvements to the customer desktop interface

In conjunction with the development of the mobile interface we have also made improvements to the desktop interface. It is now possible to scroll multiple months ahead without having to wait for the month to load. We have also made some UI improvements and performance improvements. In addition, we have expanded the algorithm that automatically detects the first available date so that it will cover more cases. We trust that all these improvements will result in an even better scheduling experience for your customers.

New Solutions section and product demos

In the public section of our website we have added a completely new Solutions section. The new Solutions section includes eleven pages that describe our largest customer segments. In addition, each page includes a representative live demo that clients and prospects can interact with and feel how ScheduleOnce can work for their specific scenario. 

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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