What's new in version 4.1?

Release 4.1 adds support for a ScheduleOnce login and a number of minor improvements.

Sign up with a ScheduleOnce ID 

Until this release it was only possible to sign up to ScheduleOnce with a Google or Facebook ID. This release adds the ability to create your own ScheduleOnce login with your choice of email and password. In addition to the new ScheduleOnce login we have also implemented different mechanisms to eliminate most of the confusion that is sometimes caused by the Google and Facebook logins.

Make another booking on MeetMe  and BookNow pages

We have added a “Make another booking” link in the scheduling confirmation page that allows people that schedule time with you to easily create another booking.

Show social icons for team members in a BookNow page

We now show the social icons from a team member’s MeetMe page on the BookNow page. This allows customers and prospects to view social information when selecting a team member.

Change defaults for time zone enablement and busy time blocking

As our customer base evolves and becomes more sophisticated in its use of ScheduleOnce we realize that it is better to enable time zone support by default and also make busy time blocking mode the default in inbound and outbound scheduling. This will apply to new accounts and new MeetMe pages and services created after this release.

Increase advance notice up to 7 days

It is now possible to have advance notice of up to 7 days before a booking is made. Before the change it was possible to have an advance notice buffer of up to 4 days. We have added 5, 6 and 7 days and you can find this setting in the Advanced settings section in the Inbound settings -> Booking settings.

If no location is used the Phone number is entered into the Google Calendar invite Location field

This is a small enhancement for added convenience. When you request a phone number and the location field is not used we will also add the phone number to the Location field in the Google Calendar invite. The phone number will also be included in the Google Calendar invite description together will all other information that was collected from the customer.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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