What's new in version 3.2?

ScheduleOnce 3.2 includes a set of important features that give you more control over your MeetMe page.

Inbound scheduling - 5 minute increments in automatic booking

In automatic booking, it is now possible to work in 5 minute increments. This means that the duration of an appointment can be as short as 5 minutes or any combination of 5 minute increments. We have also adapted all other relevant settings to support 5 minute increments. In booking with approval mode 15 minute increments are maintained.

Inbound scheduling – Pre and post buffers

It is now possible to add buffers before and after a scheduled event. These buffers can be used to account for travel time, cleanup time, rest time and more. It is possible to have different buffer sizes for before and after the event. Pre and post buffers is a productivity feature and is available in all paid plans.

Inbound scheduling – Disallow bookings later than

It is now possible to specify a timeframe after which bookings cannot be made. This is helpful if you want booking to happen sooner than later. For example, if you set the Booking no later than time frame to a month, users will not be able to make a booking for a date which is more than a month in the future.

Inbound scheduling - Subject by owner or by user

There are now two modes for the booking subject. If you leave it empty your user will have to enter a subject – This is the default. If you enter a subject, this is what your users will see and they will not be asked to enter a subject. Enabling the account owner to enter a subject is a productivity feature and is available in all paid plans.

Inbound scheduling - Distribute time slots evenly when subject to a limit

We have added a new algorithm that distributes time slots more evenly when you limit the maximum number of time slots that show on a given day. For example, if you have availability from 8:00am to 6:00pm but only want to show a maximum of 4 one-hour time slots they will now be displayed as follows: 8:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

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