What's new in version 3.1?

ScheduleOnce 3.1 is live with important features that many have been patiently waiting for. 

Inbound and outbound scheduling – Reminders

You can now define up to three email reminders for any scheduled time. For example, a reminder 24hrs before, 12 hrs before and 1 hr before the scheduled time. In inbound scheduling reminders are on the MeetMe page level, allowing you to set different reminders for different MeetMe pages. In Outbound scheduling reminders are in the outbound settings and apply to all outbound meetings that you initiate. You can also add custom text to the email reminder and copy yourself on every reminder that is sent. Reminders are available in all paid plans.

Inbound scheduling – Disable the Google invite email that is sent to your users

This is an important feature for the vast majority of inbound scheduling users who connect their Google Calendar. When your Google Calendar is connected Google automatically sends out a Google Calendar invite email to your users when a booking is made.There are a number of reasons to disable the Google Calendar invite email. For example, if you are working with time zones. See the Calendar invite article to learn about the reasons to disable the Google Calendar invite email.

Inbound scheduling - Generalization of notifications and application text

As you can see from our Solutions page, inbound scheduling can be used in many scheduling scenarios. In release 3.1 we furter generalized the text so that email notifications and application text will fit well with all the scenarios that we support.

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