What's new in version 3.0?

Version 3.0 is a major upgrade that extends ScheduleOnce into many new use cases. The new functionality required a change in our pricing plans and a move from yearly to monthly billing. The pricing changes are only in effect for new customers. Existing customers will maintain their existing plan.

Note to existing customers - We have changed the plan names but the functionality you had remains the same.
-The Professional plan that you had is now called "Premium"
-The Premium plan that you had is now called "Plus"

Here is the list of the main changes:

Inbound scheduling – Multiple MeetMe pages

It is now possible to create multiple MeetMe pages and use them in various scheduling scenarios. Multiple MeetMe pages can be used for yourself only, such as in multiple meeting types or activity scheduling, and they can also be used for others such as in the appointments for your team scenario.

Inbound scheduling – BookNow pages

BookNow pages are a completely new addition and they are used to unite multiple MeetMe pages and serve as a single point of access to your users. If you are using MeetMe pages for yourself, the BookNow page can represent your profile.  If you are grouping MeetMe pages for others, the BookNow page can represent your business. It all depends on your scheduling scenario.

Inbound scheduling – New user interface for your users

The scheduling experience of your users is a top design objective for ScheduleOnce. To that extent, we have overhauled the user interface for MeetMe and BookNow pages and made it even more simple and appealing. 

Inbound scheduling – New structure for the MeetMe administration page 

We have changed the structure and organization of settings inside the MeetMe administration page to make it easier to navigate and update. We previously had three sections: General, Availability and Personal details. We now have four sections: Booking, Availability, Information and Personal Details.

New plans & pricing

The new functionality required that we update our plans and pricing accordingly and we have added three more plans. We have also moved to monthly billing with an option to upgrade to yearly billing and get two months for free. These changes only apply to new deals and upgrades. If you are an existing paying customer there will be no change to your existing plan and pricing. We are also keeping the free plan as is and we have not changed its feature set.

New website content

We have updated our website with new content to reflect the new use cases that are now supported by the new functionality. In particular, we have expanded the Solutions section with descriptions for the main use cases.

New introduction and product videos

We have redone the introduction video, Inbound scheduling video and Outbound scheduling video. In addition, we have added a new BookNow video that explains the BookNow concept. All these videos can be found on our public website and on our YouTube channel. The Inbound, Outbound and BookNow videos can also be accessed from within the application.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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