What's new in version 2.5?

ScheduleOnce 2.5 is an important release with major enhancements. Here is the complete list of changes:

Outbound scheduling - New user interface for New invitations

We have completely overhauled the user interface of the New invitation page, simplifying it to be in line with the new invitation page in online calendars. With this new user interface creating an outbound invitation only takes a few seconds.

Outbound scheduling - New outbound settings page

We have added a new outbound settings page that helps increase productivity by allowing the user to set default values. At this point it includes the default meeting duration and enabling/disabling of time zone support. More settings will be added in the future.

Outbound scheduling - Meeting details on the New invitation page

The New invitation page now contains a field for meeting details. These meeting details will be automatically sent to all invitees when the meeting is scheduled and if your calendar is connected these meeting details will be made part of the calendar invitation when the meeting is scheduled.

Inbound and outbound scheduling - Enable/disable time zone support

It is now possible to completely disable time zone support in both inbound and outbound scheduling. This simplifies scheduling when all users are in the same time zone.

Inbound and outbound scheduling - Scheduling for not connected calendars

Users that don’t connect their calendars can now schedule meetings in the same way as connected users. They click the schedule button and an email with the scheduled time is sent to all invitees.

Inbound scheduling - Control when time slots start

We have added a setting to control when time slots can be displayed on your MeetMe page – Whether at 00, 15, 30 or 45 minutes on the hour.

Inbound scheduling - Meeting mode can require a single time only

Following feedback from users, we have now made it possible to set the minimum number of times that people must select in Meeting mode to 1.

Inbound and outbound scheduling – Set the default duration

We have made it possible to set the default duration independently from the duration range.

Inbound scheduling – Show all time slots

We have removed the maximum 16 time slots per day limit and it is now possible to display all time slots in the day.

Inbound and outbound scheduling – Reply to address

We have added reply to addresses to all emails so now you can simply reply to system emails and they will arrive at their destination.

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