What's new in version 10.0?

Version 10.0 includes our new product, ChatOnce. ChatOnce is an intelligent booking bot that integrates seamlessly with ScheduleOnce, allowing you to qualify and convert website visitors with ease, offering qualified visitors scheduled meetings. 

ChatOnce helps you provide your website visitors with an engaging experience that gives you more qualified leads and bookings scheduled. 

Accompanying this new product are OnceHub contacts. Contacts give you a full view of all engagements you've had with a specific person, in all activities across OnceHub (both ChatOnce and ScheduleOnce).


ChatOnce lets you add lead qualification and scheduling to your website through an intelligent chatbot that grabs their attention and prompts their engagement. 

Figure 1: Reaching out with a chatbot

This bot can target and qualify visitors with the right conversation for them, based on the parameters you set. 

Each website can have multiple audiences you've defined, including new visitors, return visitors, visitors from a specific campaign, and more. You can create one or more rules for each audience you create, based on multiple parameters.

Figure 2: Identify an audience based on parameters - Repeat visitors

You can build one or multiple different bots, targeted throughout the website, based on the rules you create. Based on who they are and how they navigate your website, you can send them to the bot suited for them. 

Figure 3: Targeting an audience with bots

As you guide them through the conversation, you can ask questions that determine what they're asked next and which calls to action they're offered, if they meet the criteria you define. Our strongest call to action is the Schedule action, where they can book with your team without ever leaving the bot conversation. 

Figure 4: Offer scheduling to your visitors from the widget

You can set rules that allow you to offer scheduling just to the visitors who meet your qualifications. 

By routing them through a conversation customized for their audience and adjusted through their responses to your chatbot, you increase the likelihood of a successful interaction that helps you continue engaging with qualified visitors and convert as many as you can through a smart, automated, and personalized process.

Installation on your website is simple and easy: all you have to do is paste the ChatOnce code in the header of your website. Your visitors will have a positive, engaging experience with your organization without any extra effort on your part. All the while, ChatOnce will gather information about your leads and fill your team's calendar with qualified bookings that have a higher conversion success rate. 

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Getting started with ChatOnce

OnceHub contacts

Every person who interacts with your OnceHub products, whether by scheduling through ScheduleOnce or engaging with a bot in ChatOnce, has a contact record. This central data object includes the most up-to-date information from all engagements with the same person. Their contact record stores data in fields you've defined in OnceHub, along with system default fields such as name, email, and company. These contact fields can be customized for your organization.

You can view all information about one of your contacts in the Activity stream, providing you with a full view of information related to each customer or website visitor before taking action. 

Figure 1: Contact records in the Activity stream Learn more about contacts in OnceHub

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