What's new in version 5.65?

Release 5.65 is a minor release with many small improvements, including the following notable updates:

Secure embed

Our brandless embed is now https enabled. This means that MeetMe and BookNow pages can be embedded in secure (https) web pages without triggering any security alerts for customers. Your customers will have a seamless experience, regardless of whether you are embedding ScheduleOnce in a http or https web page.

If you have embedded your MeetMe or BookNow page in a secure (https) web page prior to October 19, 2013, you should change your embed code by regenerating it from the Website Integration page and replacing the old code on your web page. If you have questions or need help, please contact us.

Second phone number on the Website widget

It is now possible to add a second phone number to the Website widget. This is useful in many cases, such as when you would like to offer both a toll free and local number to your customers. You can see an example of the second phone number in our website widget.

Improved starting time for time slots setting

We have improved the starting time for time slots setting, making starting times of time slots more flexible and increasing the scenarios they cover. In previous versions, the interaction between the starting times of time slots and the gap between time slots could result in portions of unscheduled time that could be better utilized. These settings now work together to maximize your open availability. 

If you see any room for improvement in your schedule, please visit this setting again. The starting times for time slots setting is in the Booking section.

If you have any questions about the new release feel free to contact us.

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