What's new in version 7.8?

ScheduleOnce 7.8 is a minor release adding a number of features across several product areas:

Custom security policies

Our new Custom security policies allow you to control the level of security on your ScheduleOnce account and enforce your organizational security policies. Customized Password policies can now be enforced by setting the password length, complexity, and expiration timeframe. Additionally, you can now choose to add a layer of security to your ScheduleOnce account by enabling the Automatic lockout and Short session timeout mechanisms. Learn more about ScheduleOnce's commitment to security and privacy in our Trust Center.

Always reschedule with the same Booking page 

If you are using a Master booking page with multiple Booking pages, you can now decide that Customers will only be able to reschedule with the original Booking page on which the booking was made. This means that customers will be served by the same Team member throughout the booking lifecycle. This new enhancement is ideal for businesses who place more emphasis on serving the customer with the same team member, rather than on providing customers with as much availability as possible. 

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