What's new in version 7.7?

ScheduleOnce 7.6 includes minor enhancements across a number of product areas:

Manual refund via ScheduleOnce - Notifications and credit invoices

If you are using our Payment integration feature, you can now generate credit invoices and notify Users and Customers when a refund is manually issued via ScheduleOnce. You can either use our out-of-the-box default email and SMS notification, or customize your own manual refund template. These notifications ensure that all parties have been made aware of the refund and have a written record of it. Credit invoices are automatically added to email notifications.

Email from your domain - Support for Amazon SES and other mail servers requiring SMTP credentials

Email from your domain can now be set up with email domains that require SMTP username and password to access the server, such as Amazon SES. This new enhancement is ideal for businesses that use ScheduleOnce on a large scale and send out a high volume of notifications. 

Export reports to CSV

In addition to Excel and PDF, all ScheduleOnce reports can now be exported to a CSV file. This should allow you to easily track, keep a record of, and print all reports in whatever format you desire.

Change in title of rescheduled calendar events

We have removed the text RESCHEDULE in the title of rescheduled calendar events as this seemed to cause a bit of confusion among some of our customers' customers. The title of calendar events that are scheduled to take place (i.e. scheduled or rescheduled) simply include the customer's name, customer's company and the service/subject of the booking. This should avoid all confusion and ensure that all attendees show-up.

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