How to share a filtered view of the Activity stream with another team member

Your Activity stream is where you can view and manage all your activities. The Activity stream shows all Booking, Session package, and Transaction activities that have been created in your account, sorted by last updated date. You can use filters to display only relevant activities in the stream. Learn more about filtering the Activity stream

In some cases, you may want to send a filtered view of the Activity stream to another team member. For example, you might need to ask another OnceHub Administrator to reassign a list of bookings appropriately.

In this article, you'll learn how to share a filtered view to a team member.

Sharing a filtered view with a team member

When you add filters to the Activity stream, parameters are added to the page URL (Figure 1). To share this filtered view, copy the page URL and send it to another team member via email. 

Figure 1: Selected filters added to the page URL

When the team member clicks the link, the Activity stream will open and display the filters applied in the URL. The team member can then create a Custom filter from this filtered view for easy access in the future. 

Available parameters

Below is the list of URL parameters available for the Activity stream.

Field availableParameter
Creation datecreation_date
Last updatedlast_updated
Activity typeactivity_type
Activity IDactivity_id
Unread activitiesunread_activities
Sort bysort_by
Meeting timemeeting_time
Booking statusbooking_status
Booking detailed statusbooking_detailed_status
Event type nameevent_type_name
Booking page namebooking_page_name
Master page namemaster_page_name
Booking page Ownerbooking_page_owner
Customer namecustomer_name
Customer emailcustomer_email
Customer companycustomer_company
Session packages 
Session package statussession_package_status
Event type nameevent_type_name_sp
Booking page namebooking_page_name_sp
Master booking page namemaster_page_name_sp
Booking page Ownerbooking_page_owner_sp
Customer namecustomer_name_sp
Customer emailcustomer_email_sp
Customer companycustomer_company_sp
Payment transaction datepayment_transaction_date
Refund transaction daterefund_transaction_date
Transaction statustransaction_status
Transaction typetransaction_type

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